Scorpio for this week:

The experiment I’m proposing is something you should try only if you’re feeling adventurous. Don’t do it if you’re in a timid or self-pitying mood. Here it is. Empty yourself out completely, and do it gladly. With impish daring, lower your expectations all the way down to zero. Surrender every remnant of hope you might be tempted to cling to. With a jaunty nonchalance, pretend you have nothing to lose. And then open an enormous welcome in your heart for the messy, unpredictable sweetness of life exactly as it is. Say yes to the beauty of ambiguity and paradox. Free yourself to accept every person and every situation on its own terms. If you try what I’ve suggested, I bet you will be united with a potent blessing you didn’t even know you needed.

FreeWill Astrology

Ya know, this honestly sounds like a great idea. I was thinking about this today, at the gym, and realized that it’s probably the only way I’ll be able to continue with some of the people in my life – who I can’t get rid of – as well as offer others who’ve been needing a second chance, a means to have one. I think I might start this, this weekend, while I’m visiting the family….

Which, BTW, just to clear this up, I am not leaving Atlanta any time soon. Yes, my Scotsman and I have been having some communication failures of late, which can easily be resolved with some quality time. And so far, that has been working. Yes, I love Denmark. Yes, I’m planning on moving there, but probably not for another 10 years or so.

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