I guess I should update from time to time…..though, I did get the bug up my ass to try and fix the main journal page, but still working on that, so it’s still gonna look a bit fubar (but apparently online in Firefox, go fig). At any rate, there’s not too much to update everyone with. The musings in my head have been slow, so I can’t really entertain you all with those for the moment. I could post some long diatribe about today being the anniversary of 9/11, but that would just get me all pissed off to see where we are now, in comparison to where we were then, as a nation.

I will say, that one comment on ALa’s blog, in regards to her post on Britney Spear’s, kinda irked me. Mainly, because the woman didn’t couch her commentary in regards to women who will starve themselves to being a bag of bones for the purpose of attracting men. She just said that she thinks guys prefer curves to flat-chested women who look like boys (paraphrased). Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about women being healthy, being at a healthy weight and being happy with who they are and how they look. I’ve spent the majority of my life being teased (and even called Twiggy) due to my “lack of obvious progression through puberty.” I’m thin. My optimal weight is between 120 and 125lbs, my body reacts to workouts in a snap. The more I workout, the more fat I drop and the more lean muscle I gain. It’s just the way it works, naturally. I’ve always been small-chested and it’s never bothered me, outside of the crap I’ve had to take from women. The guys never had a problem with it, least as far as my past bf’s would attest to, except for one, but he’s not counted. There was an awesome essay in this months Skirt! rag, about the subject, and if you’re in Atlanta, I highly suggest you snag this month’s, but ignore all the plastic surgery ads (which is its only downfall, in my opinion). I seriously question, sometimes, as to whether women place more of a value on the amount of tits another woman has, than men do. I mean, as much as I can’t stand Hilary Clinton, the number of people crying foul at her show of clevage annoyed me. They pick her apart, for the most part, in regards to her wardrobe, as opposed to her political positions. Britney Spears got raked over the coals for her performance at the VMAs, not because her performance sucked (which was a minor note in every article about it I read), but because she looked fat. Funny, every picture I’ve seen so far, of that performance, she looks damned good, and looks a lot better than before she had kids. And several of the articles were quoting the opinions of women. I only read one comment from a man.

At any rate, what is it about women? According to the vocal opinions, it comes down to being too fat, too thin, too ugly, too much clevage, not enough…Are we so obsessed with what we see as our own imperfections, that we have to lambast all other women for theirs? Or can we finally hit a place, where we can accept our own bodies, as imperfect as they are, and be happy to let others be happy with their own?


  1. Welcome to the patriarchy, love, where we have so deeply internalized the constant critiques of our varying physical appearances that we end up lashing out at other women for not meeting the “standard” instead of banding together to tell the standard to fuck itself.

    Divide and conquer. One of the oldest tricks in the book.


    1. Yeah, something I never understood. Especially, given that we seem to have gotten most of the important “feminist” things out of the way, so now we have to come to petty arguments. :/


  2. I’ve got many beautiful friends. Some are small, some are large, some are lean, some are fat. But seeing the beauty makes the world a much prettier place to be in.


  3. Looking at the pictures of Britney I would kill to be in that kind of shape after 2 children. I will admit her outfit was a bit over the top unless you have a perfect body but hel it looked damn good. I so wish it werent all about how we look. When I get IMs from guys about my supposedly smoking hot body I wonder if they really looked at the pictures I had or are just making assumptions because I say I go to the gym. I wish it were about who we really are..mind body soul instead of a picture of perfection pasted in a magazine.


    1. Yeah, the clothes weren’t that great, but they didn’t look bad on her. About the only thing was the fact that she didn’t look like she wanted to be there.

      I have the same issue with the MySpace emails I get as well. They sit there and make these comments that has me sitting there wondering what the hell they were looking at, and on top of that, whether they even read anything (which definitely proves it was all about looks).

      And I’m right there with you, I get sick and tired of being seen as just something to look at, thankfully, I have wonderful guys around me who prove those annoyances wrong.


  4. The guys never had a problem with it, least as far as my past bf’s would attest to

    To me, big breasts are soft of like those 12 inch subs from the subway, they look nice, but I can’t eat all that.

    I think the American culture at a macro level, at least on its exterior has a current fascination with waifdom. However, being a black person, and one whose spent significant time with latino people.. there isn’t nearly as much obsessing over this sort of stuff. I really didn’t until I wanted to be cool goth kid, wear shiny things only made for skinny people 🙂


    1. Oh, do I love you Bedivere. If it weren’t for the imagery you can evoke, I don’t know what I’d do without you….besides drink coffee and not watch someone volunteer their ID to you.


  5. You’ve hit the nail on the head. Women are bombarded with magazines and media to lose weight, lose unwanted wrinkles, look younger, look like a supermodel, have perfect breasts, yada yada. And it is usually other women will will tear another woman to shreds, all because we’re programmed to be catty.

    By the way, whoever that ex bf was that had issues with the way you look was high. You’re freaking (no pun intended) cute!


    1. Yeah, it’s the one thing that I always hated about that rag, as much as I loved it. The funny thing, is some guy wrote in to comment about that. I could never get over it, even though you can find some good spa deals in it.

      And yes, the ex got an earful when he mentioned additional breasts, as well as the “if you want that, find someone else” lecture.


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