Day: September 14, 2007

Sometimes, I just want to dump all my stuff. Just go through, figure out what I really need, and ditch the rest (books not included). When I look into my future self, I see simplicity. A nice cozy space, maybe 3 rooms, excluding the kitchen. I don’t know. I just look at all the crap I have, and realize it just piles up over an over. I have a huge pile of things that need to be shredded, only the shredder died and is on the pile of electronics that don’t work. I have two nice art deco lamps that just sit there, I don’t even think I have them plugged in anymore. The third one of them, now sits in the pile of electronics that don’t work, thanks to two cats who are determined to break every fragile thing I own (and most of my Scotsman’s as well).

Maybe this is going back to that scope, about emptying. I have an elevation upcoming, in recognizing a plateau on my spiritual path. The way I’ve always viewed these, is that I die, and am reborn. Maybe in this rebirth, it involves throwing out a lot of old stuff. Quite a bit of it, is from when I was with David. Maybe it’s time to fully release that energy and get it out of my life. I’ve never considered that the things I owned while with him, would wind up with so much of his energy on them. But I really think that is the case.

Maybe I’ll also see if my Scotsman would be willing to change personal space with me, so he can have the larger front room for the war room, and I can have the smaller den. That would put both of us with our bathrooms, bedrooms and personal rooms all in one line, ending at the kitchen.

Or maybe this is the Raven talking, in that it’s getting winter, so it’s time to pare down, get cozy and live out the winter in hibernation. It’s a thought. But I think the end to my last Chapter is complete, and it’s time to create the introduction to the next. Though, quite possibly, that has what I have been doing, and now is the time for the new Chapter to move into full swing. Will have to speak to my Scotsman on this, and get his ideas.