Scorpio for this week:

It’s an excellent time to clearly and precisely define what heaven on earth would look like for you. So study the following mission statement, written by my reader Darla Fremos, then compose your own. “In my perfect world,” says Darla, “I’d spend the mornings lying in long grass filled with fragrant flowers at the edge of a lake high on a hill above a sleepy town. I’d read books that tickled my soul, eat snacks that satisfied my wildest hunger, and use my eyes to make love with clouds, hummingbirds, breezes, and other temporary allies. After a noon siesta, I’d take a leisurely walk along a birch-lined road to my command center, where I’d join my team of associates as we spent the next eight hours managing my global network of activists working to end poverty and hunger.”

FreeWill Astrology

Heh, I know what it looks like, spent 3 weeks there this summer. But, ohhhhhh, to know what it would feel like to be at my camping spot in Kvinesdal, with no mud from the rains and the sun shining down every day. Or maybe a day’s rain, so the mountain rise would give birth to its water fall in the afternoon, and fade into a slight trickle at night. Or have it warm enough to go bathe in the river that flowed past our spot, and mingle more intimately with the Gods of the North Lands. Mmmmmmmmm. Now that would be absolute heaven.

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