I am feeling slightly accomplished. This morning I updated my American Airlines ff miles account, set up one for Delta, checked out how I can earn miles. 😀 Made it to the gym at 9.30 for an hour of technique training, made it to work, on time. Had a good conversation with my boss that was completely stress-free for the both of us, emailed my Mum, and now I’m slowly working my way through my milk-shit (yogurt) covered strawberries, blackberries and granola.

This is the second day I’ve tried the yogurt, and I’m happy to say that I haven’t gotten sick off of it yet. If I can make it through the batch I bought, I might try the Activia stuff. I’m happy to say that I’m doing good at trying new things, though, much to the chagrin of my teammates, I will never try bananas again, without something to cover up the taste and smell.

Yesterday was spent with my little sister, avelith. It was good quality time to get her school clothes and talk about the stuff she wants to talk about. She’s excited, because she gets to go to the Family Values Tour concert in the couple of weeks. I figure, if this one goes well, I’ll see if her parents will let her come to the Saturday night performance for ProgPower, next year. And maybe Friday and Saturday the next year.

Oh yeah, and I was invited to start the black belt program at the gym, as well as instructor’s training. Next step, talk to the yoga center and see what their certification program entails and my yogi, to see if she has classes on other nights. 😀

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