Day: July 1, 2007

Since I’ve obviously been a bit absent from the online realms….

Scorpio for this week:
Welcome to Part Two of your outlook for the second half of 2007. We’re checking up on how you’re progressing with the long-term tasks you were assigned six months ago. I trust that by now you’re supremely composed as the changes whirl around you and within you. I mean, you will always be the zodiac’s master of transformation; you’ll always thrive on going through ceaseless, deep-seated shifts that would terrify most of the other signs. But if you’re taking advantage of this year’s cosmic opportunities, Scorpio, your eruptions of abracadabra! are being buffered by a profound grace. Your experiments in turning lead into gold and garbage into treasure are proceeding with a generous-spirited poise. Now you’re ready to take it to the next level of relaxed elegance.

FreeWill Astrology

Ya know, I can honestly say, at this point I am happy. I mean really happy. I’m at the point where I’m ready to start simplifying things around me a little more when I get back and working even more on the stuff I’ve neglected (like my CR magic studies). For being as messed up as it is here (the sun doesn’t go down till around midnight, and it rises before 4AM), it’s oddly tranquil. Though, I guess when you’re as messed up as I am, that works. 😀 Anyway, Drew and I are having a blast, and the addition of Aki to the room has been even better. I’m glad I have the two of them with me right now. And yes, I got pictures yesterday, and video (but not of the bands, as I snuck the camera in and didn’t want kill my karma).