Scorpio for this week:

As I contemplate the growing wonder of your animal magnetism, my urge to spout poetry is uncontrollable. You’re like a dancing heron or a singing tiger or a snake spelling out words by assuming different letter-shaped poses. You’re a crazy-mirrored funhouse full of tool-using ravens. You’re a convention of laughing hyenas partying at a watering hole on the other side of the tracks from paradise. In short, you’re as impossible to predict as a drunk hummingbird, as dangerously smart as a shape-shifting fox from Japanese mythology.

FreeWill Astrology

Hrm, I guess that would be the first time I’ve managed to make someone sprout poetry, by my shear existence. But I do like being a bit unpredictable. Maybe that will be a positive thing for the upcoming tournament. Though, I really like the Raven, heron and fox references. I’ll have to contemplate them more, in the frame of things.

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