Day: February 16, 2007

I had to share this one for today:

You might seek out extra private time today and the quiet solace can do you a world of good. Unexpected visitors or a change in your schedule can increase your anxiety level, so it’s important to do whatever is necessary to replenish your energy. Don’t be afraid of turning off your computer and pulling the plug on your phone. If at all possible, get out and enjoy the comfort and beauty offered by nature. (

And how true it is. I’ve been spending the last week using every available time to de-stress and meditate. It seems to be helping my headspace a little, but that will be the following post. At any rate, I have a 1.5 hour opening this afternoon, that is now completely dedicated to me. The last couple of weeks have taken a toll on me, and while I really enjoy my friends, and enjoy taking care of them as I can, I can’t do it right now. It’s one reason why I’ve taken time off of IMs (and no ET, this has nothing to do with our chats. I miss them actually). I’ve had too many people coming at me left and right demanding my time, in fact, at this rate, I’m sure I pissed off a teammate for demanding he tell me what he was talking about in email instead of over the phone. I’ve come to the conclusion, that until I feel satisfied, I’m going to be selfish. I’ve gotten tired of putting everyone else ahead of me, and right now, I need to come first. I know I need to learn to guard myself so my “Can I help you?” vibes get quashed when I’m not in therapist mode, but I also need to get better about helping people help themselves so I don’t become the designated “go-to” guy for mental stability. Which brings me to stress. I’m a massage therapist, people tend to think that we are the most laid back people ever. WRONG! I have to deal with clients who don’t like me taking time for myself, because it takes out the time they wanted for a massage. I have to deal with high-strung clients who expect me to take their relaxing breath for them and rush me because they have no concept of “loose scheduling”. And that’s fine for them. I will not take that route for myself. Anyway, I’m convinced it’s manifested in my post-lunch upset stomach, as well as my hyper-alertness (though, my fighting doesn’t help that either). The result is a diet change, to figure out if it’s breakfast (though, the way today is setting up, obviously it’s not) or something else. I have plans to go see the nutritionist at the gym, as well as acupuncture and a trip to my therapist.

The positive in all of this, is that it makes me look forward to my trip to Scandinavia all that much more. At any rate, this is why I don’t answer my phone, and you don’t see me on IMs.