I love my IRA account. I really do. Every quarter, I lose money because they withdraw not on the quarter as I originally requested, but apparently a month early, or whenever they feel like it. The last withdrawal was in November, the recent withdrawal was last week. I just found out about it, because I looked at my online account stuff to find out that I had an overdraft that hasn’t come into my mailbox yet. Why? Because my IRA contribution was withdrawn a month early. At one point, I thought I had their pattern figured out, but apparently they changed it up on me. So I go into my online account for the IRA, to find out that they’ve ceased doing online account maintenance and replaced it with forms to mail-in. So I call them up. Oh wait, that 24-hr account help is no longer an option, I have to call during regular business hours. I’m at the point where I don’t give a shit how good a fund Oakmark is, I’m ready to move it back to e-trade just for the sheer customer service capabilities. Or maybe, I’ll just transfer it to my brother to manage. Fuckers.

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