Day: February 14, 2007

Scorpio for this week:

“My God, these folks don’t know how to love,” wrote novelist D. H. Lawrence, “that’s why they love so easily.” He certainly wasn’t referring to people from your tribe. You Scorpios may find it easy to entertain gusts of lust, but you’re too smart about real love to dive casually into its mysteries. You want to be a perpetual student who’s in humble awe of the primal power of deep attraction. You know intimately that no matter how sweet and light love may sometimes feel, it always has the potential to sweep you into the unpredictable depths and change everything forever. Meditate further on these matters; it’ll prepare you for the coming weeks.

FreeWill Astrology

Hrm. I’m hoping this just ends up another “Oh, SHIT!” moment. Especially given, that in a couple of weeks I’ll be at my friend Jeremy’s wedding. And we know what happens at those things…

So, due to the fact that I need to get some things back in order (like sleeping), I’m taking time off from the internet. You can catch me on email and I’ll respond, but I won’t be on IMs for a while. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make it out to a few parties, but I have some important fights coming up that I need to train for, and some habits to re-develop.