I am not sure what did it, but something in my snapped last night. Between trying to explain to people, who not only insisted on reading into things, but also not letting go of what they’re trying to force upon me to see what I’m actually saying, and trying to get my friend’s wedding profile to stay put – instead of forwarding me to an mtv site, I lost it. My throat is a bit sore today due to the grunting and other sounds of frustration. I’m almost back to square one at work, even if it’s a benefit to those I work with. I don’t like going in circles and pretending I’m a dog chasing my tail. I appreciate the fact that the change up of things at work means that I will be putting in more hours, which will hopefully even out my schedule. But having been asked if I’m going to be in town the week I requested off at the end of March is not a positive sign, in my book. Yes, I’m taking on more responsibility, due to the fact that I’m going to be the one here, but I will not go back to working vacations. On my off-time, work is on the back-burner. It’s something I look at when I have the inkling, not something that is always on my mind. I’ve also considered the offer to work part-time at the gym, which would probably benefit my training, in the long run. But it would also require the hiring of someone at the office, which, I’m wondering if we need to do that anyway.

At any rate, I’m back to being generally frustrated with people. Seriously, I have to sit back, and wonder how a species that is inherently so stupid, has managed to propigate itself to the top of the food chain. Or maybe I just need to start going back to TownCenter Border Pagans, so I can have my brain picked and stretched. The only problem, is that it’s at the same time my Kundalini class is doing after-ritual discussion. :/ Oh hell. I just need mental stimulation period, of the high-intellect kind, and I’m not getting it where I used to find it.

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