This weekend was wonderful. Stared out the window at work a lot, then Sunday, my Scotsman took time out of his housework schedule to take me out for a date day. It was great. I love being able to go out and spend an entire day just talking to him. He took me to see Letters from Iwo Jima, and I have to say, Ken Watanabe has officially replaced Sean Connery as my favourite older actor. He did a wonderful job in this movie, as did the man who played 1st Lt. Nishi. Afterwards, we went out for Japanese (how typical), but it does give me a greater appreciation for the culture, even though some of the things they did in the name of the Emperor. Afterwards, it was out to a cafe for dessert and coffee. We just sat and talked about my fears, things we want in life and a few other things….like how to get around that whole kid issue. 😉 But I do have to say, I very much appreciate my Scotsman. As odd as our set-up is, it works and it’s low-key and we take care of each other. The last couple of weeks he’s been my rock, as I try to integrate the latest knowledge of myself into the rest of me. He’s let me have my time, down to the fact that I spent all of yesterday out of the house, while he took care of house chores. He knew I needed the decompression time from my life and from work, so he let me take what I needed. With that said, I went to my first Kundalini class last night. OMG, that stuff is amazing!!!! I actually got my hip and shoulder to open up some more, granted, I’m sore as hell, but it was nice. 2 hours of ritual yoga, complete with chanting, singing, breathwork and asanas. Yummy! It really wakes up your senses, in fact, my throat chakra is much more open now. Spent the bulk of the time chanting, so it ended up very activated, and it’s very happy right now. Hell, even my Jits today was on spot, I became aware of a lot of stuff, to the point I managed to best one of our purple belts. I think if I keep this up, I’ll be totally ready for Pan-Ams. And honestly, I’m pretty happy I shut down my IMs. I’m half-way through Chapter 2 of my Danish, and it’s all clicking for me. Not to mention, the tummy stuff is slowly being resolved, as is the anxiety problems I’ve had.

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