1. agreed of course.

    but the democrats do control things now, but bush would probably veto. might be time to write some letters, ya know?

    the democrats better get it throught their heads that their “mandate” does not extend to more gun control.


    1. I would say, that the only reason it might be, is because criminals who break the laws aren’t prosecuted under all the applicable laws. The AWB that Pelosi and crew came up with was worthless, in fact, it proved they had no clue what an assault weapon was, much less how to properly restrict them. My roommate has the best analogy….it’s like making race cars illegal by defining them as 2-door cars, with certain spoilers and a 0-60 of x-seconds. As long as it doesn’t do/have all 3 of those, it is not a sports car. Least, that’s how the last one worked. It was pointless, as anyone who wants to commit a crime with an actual assault weapon is going to acquire one (the Oakland bank robbery from way back when is a good example of this – where the police were out-gunned because the robbers had better equipment, and a local gun shop owner supplied them (the police) with proper weaponry (that was his own property), only to be arrested later. Honestly, if they think they’re going to restrict any type of crime, they’re barking up the wrong tree and wasting everyone’s time. And like hell I’m giving up any of my weapons that are on that list, or the ones I wish to own in the future.


      1. i know you know this but i’ll clarify. true “assault weapons” are select fire, semi and full auto.

        there is NO such thing as a “semi-auto assault weapon”. that terminology is strictly speaking, a media fabrication.


    2. yeah, i read something similar but—

      what the media never mentions is the well worn comment that criminals do not have to abide by the same laws that you and i do when purchasing a fire arm.

      this always seems to get glossed over by the left, or ignored completely. not to mention that criminals can get their hands on fully auto weapons. the bank robbery in LA was committed by heavily armored persons with true FULLY AUTO weapons. (should we also ban body armor?) you can’t purchase full auto class 3 firepower legally, without jumping through a number of legal BATF rules and shelling out MAJOR cash.

      it’s possible to buy and assemble an illegal AK-47 selectfire for under 200 bucks plus a black market machinist’s fees.

      a return to the infamous “ban” will do nothing to correct this problem, and will ultimately put the republicans back in power. there are 65000000 gun owners in this country. when the chips are down, we vote.

      one other thing. legal owners will buy MORE of whatever is going to be made illegal prior to any ban being put in place.

      criminals will use the same sources they always do.


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