Day: January 17, 2007

Scorpio for this week:

Employees who work at the Grand Canyon are not supposed to tell visitors that the monumental gorge is over five million years old. Officials are worried that doing so might offend fundamentalist Christians who suffer from the delusion that Noah’s flood created the Grand Canyon a few thousand years ago. Keep this vignette in mind during the coming week, Scorpio. Let it serve as a warning beacon. I suspect that like a non-fundamentalist tourist at the Grand Canyon, you’re going to be fed a line of BS that was designed for people who can’t handle the truth. Either that, or someone will withhold the facts from you out of a concern that you’d be furious to have your assumptions questioned. As an antidote, be extra devoted to learning the real story that’s hidden beneath the official account.

FreeWill Astrology

I can see the second part happening. I think I’m finally used to people underestimating me, and actually comfortable with it. Now to just work on that reaction of anger in regards to it. That’s something I’m not good at. Least, the initial reaction.

Yesterday, I got pissed off at CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. They’re already targeting Obama for martyrdom, and the last elections left-overs haven’t gotten the hint that no one wants them in the top office. Well, I went on my usual tyrade over at Blonde Sagacity, in The Grotto section. That resulted in a request for a guest rant, which is now published.

With something I’d also like to add to it. Near the end of Blitzer’s interview with John Edwards, Edwards recognized that the President has full power in increasing or decreasing troop levels, when it comes down to it. But he also stated that Congress is well within power to force his hand, through budgeting. He listed conflicts, that he determined as Congress successfully forcing the end of American involvement, one of them was Vietnam. Yeah, Congress successfully ended that one, and their withholding of funds did a good job of making sure that lots of people paid for it, and not just with American lives.