Day: January 22, 2007

In reference to the previous post. This is by no means a slam to the friend who made the original post, as I respect her and her opinions, it’s more of a note in regards to a response I got to a post on her journal from someone else. I also know she was talking about the radical conservatives, often referred to as neo-cons, which I also loath. However, I do have to state, that if one is going to try and make an argument, please continue with your argument. Don’t stop in the middle of it with a childish act. Feel free to resort to said childish act once the discussion has devolved into childish acts. With that said, I do have to admit the amusement in getting a link to White House press corps version of the document that changed my stance on the “War on Terror”, specifically in the Iraqi front. Granted, I would have been more impressed, had the person linked to the actual bill as passed by the Senate and the House at THOMAS. Not to mention an actual reading of the press corps additions, vs a glance. Least, that’s the impression that I got off of the response.

With that said, it seems like I was right about Obama becoming a martyr to the Clinton cause. Now, whether or not her denial is the actual truth, remains to be seen. And it’s a he said/she said type thing that will probably never have the truth see the actual light of day. But at any rate: CNN debunks false report about Obama