Day: January 13, 2007

One of my goals in my trip to see my family, is to start laying some groundwork on my own rituals. The main one, is for my fighting. The secondary, is just for daily purposes. I need a means to separate my life bits again. I am doing a good bit of focus on my job, but that’s just because the drama is all too consuming. I really wish all that would end, so we can get on with our lives. I need to start giving myself more quality time while I’m not working, while balancing my internet time for my friends in other places. I hate the fact that everything is so distant, but when I can get time with those friends, I like to maximize it. Especially, in finding out that one might not have the time while I’m over there visiting. Sucks, but her family is more important, in my opinion, and they need her. But at least she’ll be in Denmark while I am, so hopefully we can go bar hopping then. 😀

Other than that, I just really want to start working more with my spirituality. I want to be able to develop myself, so that I can be more of a contributing member of that community. I’d like to do more work with the coire this year, so I can become comfortable with them, and be able to integrate that work into my massage work. That’s going to have to start with small daily meditations, so as soon as I’m done with this small snippet of grove assignments, I will begin on that. And I’ll probably do some work with them while I’m in my kundalini class.

And with that said….Jeg har kafe! (yeah, 3 word sentence, but I put it together, it didn’t come out of a book)