Day: January 11, 2007

Scorpio for this week:

In the past, love has on occasion had certain resemblances to a wounded three-legged wild boar from a swampy junkyard in hell. But if I’m interpreting the coming attractions correctly, love in 2007 could be more like a white dove balancing on the head of a black horse as it gallops along a beach under a full moon in summer. Does the phrase “higher love” mean anything to you, Scorpio? It’s there for the plucking, if you’ve got the right attitude. And what’s the right attitude? For starters, it means that you vow to cultivate a fierce determination to see–and keep seeing–the best in people. Secondly, it means that you deepen your understanding of the fact that you can’t prosper at the expense of others. Thirdly, it means you become intensely aware that one of the best ways to nurture your mental hygiene is to enhance the well-being of the people you care about.

FreeWill Astrology

Well, let’s see, we have the number 3 in there, the wild boar, a white bird (though a crane would work better than a dove) and a black horse. Ok, got the celtic part down, pretty good dear boy. I like this scope. I’ll have to ponder the symbolism for a bit.