Well, I’m off on the adventure called Dansk. It’s interesting, the program I got is the immersion one, and the only issue I’m having so far, is that I’m not paying attention to which tense I’m working on. Granted, as I go through it, I slowly get clued in and my brain starts working. The only issues I’m having so far, is with spelling. I have a lot of trouble hearing the gutterals, so I can just imagine the lip-reading. FUN!


      1. The city is Gdansk (in Polish) or Danzig (in German); I couldn’t remember what the shoes were.

        Actually, I puzzled out the part about the language. How many cases?


      2. As soon as I figure that part out, I’ll let you know. I haven’t been paying attention to that part yet, but I have been looking for it while working on the exercises. I’ve opted to stay away from it till tonight.


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