Scorpio for this week:

Earth Island Journal says scientists have discovered natural ways to clean up old munitions sites. If you plant periwinkle and parrot-feather plants in soil that’s been bombed with TNT, they’ll soak up and neutralize the noxious stuff. Likewise, pondweed absorbs and transforms nitroglycerin in land where explosives have been detonated. I urge you to find the metaphorical equivalents of periwinkle, pondweed, and parrot-feather plants this week, Scorpio. It’s a perfect moment to detoxify the places in your life where past battles left behind toxic debris.

FreeWill Astrology

Yeah, not sure about this being just a week-long progression, but I think there’s some more stuff I can get rid of. With that said, next week I’m going to head in to do yoga instead of training. It’s going to be my decompression week. After falling out of bed, by trying to do a reverse submission in my sleep, it’s obvious that I need a small break.

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