Day: November 18, 2006

About the poll…

Yes, Myspace sucks ass, I won’t dispute that. But what more can you ask from a site that’s financed primarily through ads? The reason I picked it, is because I already have a nice sized network there, I can upload videos there when I don’t have the ability to access my server and leave them there till I can transfer them. It’s got a blog and calendar function and it’s fairly easy to update all in one go. Which is not what I get through the Playground. There, I have to upload my files, update the video page, update the journal and update the updates page. Not something I’m always going to have time for. Yes, I could do things through blogspot, but I run into the same problem with my site, as the page itself would be hosted on my server. Then I run into the issue with the archives, as I already have a blogspot blog I host on my server.

Anyway, the point of the poll was not to find out who would or wouldn’t read it based on where it was hosted. The point was to find out if there was an interest in a page, separate from here that dealt specifically with my travels, where everything dealing with my travels would be linked from. As the Playground gets updated with my travel files, they won’t be in one place. The journal entries will be mirrored here (although probably later than what will be on Myspace), the video journals will be located on the soon-to-exist video page. The picture files will be in the picture gallery. Needless to say, if you wish to keep up with it sans Myspace, you’ll have to keep up with the individual pages. I don’t post a lot of site updates here, outside of something new, or something being messed up. Not sure how I’ll rig it, unless there is an interest in me setting up an email update list for those of you who want to avoid Myspace, but are still interested in my travels. Feel free to respond here and let me know your thoughts.