Day: November 4, 2006

Another year…

So what did I learn? I’ve learned I can be pretty damned independent. I’ve learned I am capable of being more responsible. I’ve learned that I really don’t have to take shit from people who insist on shoveling it in my direction. I’ve also learned, that the sky is really the limit, and I have the ability to touch it and that it’s a pretty vast space. This last year has pretty much been about getting myself together and doing what I need to do, to move forward in this next year. It’s been about transitioning. And while this next year is as well, it’ll be more of a settling, than the actual steps necessary to get to the point. The final stages, if you will. I have the new responsibility for my little sister, and assisting in her finding out who she is to be. And that is my only oathbound responsibility to anyone other than myself.

As for actual hatch-day spoils….Well, my mum sent me a Barnes and Noble gift card, and as I wanted to share the wealth with my Scotsman, I think I’m going to put all of it towards a program for the next language I’m looking at learning. She also sent my Pink Floyd: Pulse and The Wall, as well as Meatloaf’s Greatest Hits. (I blame my brother for snagging the tapes that I could have added to my collection.) My Scotsman took me to a wonderful Italian dinner at Baronda, with a very hot waiter….grrrrrrrrrrrrr….and a night at the Ballet! We went to see Giselle and the Atlanta Ballet did a wonderful production, and now I know why they’re faltering on their funding. The place was far from packed, except maybe the first 4 rows. But their talant is amazing, nonetheless. Alas, as much as I loved noticing how often I was pointing my toes during the performance, the best present was the one I gave myself. The sky. I dove out of a perfectly good airplane, with a wonderful instructor attached to me, who was determined to change my perspective. Little did he know, my perspective was already there, it just needed proof. Can’t say I’m scared of falling anymore, though, I probably still am to an extent. I can’t even begin to describe the amount of joy it gave me, but hopefully my smile can speak for itself. Next stop, the bottom of the ocean. Me’s a happy freak right now. And it started off with a wonderful wish from my Baby. I need to come up with a better nickname for him….prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr