Day: November 19, 2006

I think I’m finally getting back to being useful.

Last night was spent in the company of teammates and my WT, watching Georges St. Pierre kick the ass of Matt Hughes and take his title from him. Proper send off to retirement for Hughes, if you ask me. The Monson/Sylvia fight disappointed me from Sylvia’s side of things. The man knows his ability to hold on to his title is based only on his ability to stay away from his opponent long enough to get a judges’ decision. I think he’ll be sorely disappointed when his fight against Vera comes up and he’s forced to actually fight. I don’t see Vera standing around for 5 rounds to size Sylvia up. He’s going to jump right in there and start throwing stuff. With that said, I was saddened to see Legionarius lose, I’m a huge fan of Sakara, mainly because of his love of his country’s history (all of his tattoos are traditional Roman Legion crests and Italian folk, I want his skin when he passes).

Because WT was with me, I stayed up a bit later to play catch up with him. We’re both so busy that being able to play catch up just isn’t happening. But it was fun to hang with him and my teammates.

This morning I slept in, snuggled with my Scotsman and my cats. Then off to Cabbagetown for brunch, where we ran into moonbird and her wonderful companion. Then off to a lazy day in L5P to look around. Found some cool stuff I liked at Junkman’s – like new monster flops….why they have them in winter and not summer is beyond me. Didn’t snag them though. Saving up for the new laptop and other toys. Came home and cleaned the front hallway and sitting room. Might do the dining room tomorrow if I get the inspiration. But it’s really nice, sitting here in candlelight, incense and listening to The Changelings. Lexus is occupying the half of my lap not taken by my laptop, and Elan is beside me. Very comfortable space, I think winter won’t be that bad this year, least, not insofar as my mental trappings go. I’m still hoping for snow. I feel that I’m at a very even point right now. Not terribly stressed, and pretty even keel on my temper. Still have some changes I wish to make, but I’m in no hurry right now.