So when does the problem cease being our (white folks problem), and actually begin to be addressed within the black community?

Sharpton asks Richards to help heal the racism in our country

Black leaders call for end of “N-word” in entertainment, but fail to ask their own to cease using it as well (Chris Rock anyone?)

Seriously, I’m sick of hearing Sharpton whine, bitch and moan about every instance where a “cracker” turns the tides on someone in their own language. If the prevalence of the word Nigger, in the American lexicon is over-used, then the cease-fire needs to start at home. How many comedian acts on BET revolve around “Nigger-this” “Nigger-that”? One too many. The only time it becomes a problem, is when a cracker uses it. If Sharpton and his racist gang don’t want it used, they need to start at home.

The sad part is, it all started because they claimed he was getting on to them because they were black. And they called him a cracker. Go figure. “It’s your fault you discriminated against us because you shouldn’t have fallen to our level when we baited you”. Want to start working to end racism? Quit seeing it everywhere you look, just because you want to see it. So when it does actually happen, you’ll know it when you see it.


  1. Amen, I say again to you. When I become president, I will make it a point to implement a program in schools to teach children the actual definition of “racism” and what it REALLY is, rather than the crap that people call “racist” that really isn’t. Semantics, I know. But I think it is important.


  2. acctually

    “Black leaders challenged the entertainment industry, including rap artists, actors and major studios, to stop the use of the racial slur that triggered the scandal involving “Seinfeld” comic actor Michael Richards”

    Targeting rap artists almost certainly means black artists. They are in fact saying that black people should stop saying it as well. At least one black comedian says he is going to stop using it because it is demeaning to blacks.

    So while they are targeting everyone they are in fact starting in their own camp.



    1. Re: acctually

      For the group that Jesse Jackson is with, yes – although, why the need to suddenly start calling on the rap artists is beyond me. Seems kinda sketchy that it took a white boy using the word to get them to look in the mirror. Which is why I focused on Sharpton, who seems to be more about focusing his attentions elsewhere, instead of the actual cause. For once, Jackson is putting his foot somewhere other than his mouth. 😀 There is hope yet.


      1. Re: acctually

        Well Sharpton and jackson are both asses.
        However this isnt the first time that blacks have tried to get rappers and other black entertainers to remove the word from their vocabulary. They just seized on another opportunity to push the issue further.



  3. Check out Richard Pryor “Live on the Sunset Strip.” This film was made years ago after RP had set himself on fire, recovered and made his own trip to Africa. And he makes a point of ceasing to use the word “nigger” in his own material.


    1. I love RP, and I respect those who take it upon themselves to remedy the problem or take steps towards it. However, Jackson, Sharpton and their ilk need a bitch slap. :/ I just irks me when they feel the need to scapegoat people to deflect from where the responsibility lies.


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