If I ever have a child, and their teacher teaches them to spell like this, I will shoot the teacher and blow up his/her university.

Simplified spelling? WTF are these people thinking? There’s a difference between writing shorthand appropriate for the mode of communication, and just being a lazy writer. You don’t use “u”, “R” or “c” in email. You have a full keyboard, use it. On phones, that’s not always the case, forgiveness required. And if they want to go into phonetics, half their words are still spelled wrong.


    1. Not until they start making you spell like that. Then you’ll have to move to Europe….wait….that might be a positive thing…..damn.


  1. I agree. Changing spelling so someone will feel better about themselves is a load of crap. Lowering the standards means we will all pay the price.

    how many generations before now have been fine with it ? This has got to be the dumbest argument i’ve heard in years.

    retarded. really. 8(


  2. Reading that article was painful enough, since the writer thought it would be cute to change a full paragraph of words. It’s another ploy to have today’s youth be lazy.


  3. i couldn’t even READ that article! what a ridiculous notion! argghhhh!
    they just keep giving more and more reasons to continue HS’ing. cannot WAIT to pass this on to my HS friends. what are they after? an IQ of 40? *fuming*
    ghostie alix


  4. Oy. Sadly, when I was in Elementary School in Pittsburgh, we were taught to spell phonetically. I moved to Pgh midway through first grade, from a school that taught spelling correctly. So when I started bringing home graded assignments on which I lost points for spelling words correctly, my parents were PISSED. They were pretty instrumental in discontinuing the phonics program for the school district.

    I still have friends who cannot spell because of the way they were taught at our school. Sad.

    This whole idea of saving people’s self esteem by dumbing everything down is ridiculous. It just seems like they don’t really WANT to teach people, they just want to make literacy rates go up with the least amount of work. It’s lazy.


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