Scorpio for this week:

Balding, five feet tall, and heavy set, 61-year-old Scorpio actor Danny Devito is not renowned as an embodiment of male beauty. That’s what helped make his appearance on an episode of the old TV show “Friends” so amusing. He played a striptease artist dressed as a cop who came to entertain Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe. The spectacle of him dancing provocatively as he removed his clothes was appalling, fascinating, funny, and ultimately harmless. I predict you will have at least two experiences that fit this description in the coming week.

FreeWill Astrology

Gods, I hope this doesn’t involve the client my boss asked me about….apparently, he used to come to our office and the therapist shaved him after his massage. *shudders* Not cool. This guy wants an appt, so my boss comes in the other day and asks me if I’d be willing to provide said services. Result? “Hell no! That’s too close a boundary violation for someone I’m not dating. Refer him to a spa for waxing services.” I don’t shave any people I’m not sleeping with….industrialreich excluded because I get to wax him. *eg*

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