Day: January 13, 2006

What does one do, when all dreams have been ful-filled? Yeah, I’m 28-years-old, and pretty much every dream/goal of mine, that I’ve written in past journals has been ful-filled to my satisfaction. I’m stuck, and at a loss for what I want to do, besides helping and supporting others with their dreams. To an extent, I kinda feel a bit empty inside, struggling to come up with a reason to keep going. I think that’s probably the basis for what has been going on inside of me, of late. I had a push, with the new job, but that seems to slowly be crumbling away, due to lack of planning by my boss. I’ve found that I absolutely adore working with my clients, and I think they’re all great. I’m going to miss them if my boss decides to just quit, though I could probably pick some of them up as private clients.

To an extent, I feel pushed to the side, as well. Not through the fault of anyone else, but I’ve isolated myself again. There are a few people I’ve managed to continue talking with, but for the most part, I don’t really have much to say to anyone else. Chit-chat is pretty much a no-go, because I’ve been in such deep thought that I can’t comprehend the simplicities of idle conversation. Either that, or my non-committal, laid-back nature of late has prevented me from having heated discussions. Italy was too good to me, it left me too relaxed, though, at this point I would say I no longer care….numb, maybe. Just watching my life pass before me and watching everyone’s life exist outside of my own. Maybe I’m just not up to participating anymore.