Holy shit my body hurts!!!!! So everyone is back from break at the gym, C is back so I’m happy. So is B, and he led warm-ups yesterday and he killed us. Granted, I’m happy he did because my abs are happy (I’m getting my 6 pack back!), so are my quads. The cool thing, is everything is finally coming together for me. My instructor put me with the competition guys, to make sure that I was constantly moving during open mat. And even they are happy with my progress. I’m starting to see the openings for the moves, and paying attention to my escapes and variations when something doesn’t work. On top of that, I FOUND SHOES!!!! Yeah, I’m happy about that, but you guys have no idea how hard it is, to find size 4 wrestling shoes. Spent the last couple of months looking for them, because I jammed my toe and yesterday just reinforced that I really needed to get them. It hasn’t popped out yet, and it kept getting pulled when I was trying to lock my guard. I’ll probably have to go see the Sadist Clinical therapist at the school. He did a good job at popping out my other toe when this happened.

Oh yeah, next Monday….my Bitch has his first “official” UFC fight (meaning, it’s separate from TUF), so you all have to be watching Spike at 10PM! They probably won’t show the fight, but starting a 4P Vegas time, I expect everyone to be sending kick ass energies to him (not that he needs them, but the extra boost won’t hurt) so he can win. I’m too excited about this, so don’t be surprised if this is all I talk about to you for the next couple of days. 😀


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