My neice is great, except when she’s tired. And hoisting a 30lbs 3 year-old on my shoulders has made my injured one hurt to raise it at 90 deg. now. 😛 I’m not sure who annoys me more, a 3 year-old that I can bargain with, or my mum, who goes pissy when said 3 year-old decides she wants her cake to eat as well. But, today’s activities included playing chase through the sprinkler, which was fun….playing pranks on Uncle Scotsman, and watching Miyazaki movies. Oh yeah, and going shopping. Anyone know where to get beach vollyball swimsuits for women? No sports store that I’ve gone into has any, and I’m sorry, but bright pink is not my colour, least not in something I wish to look half-decent in. So, that is my life in a peanut shell.

One of these days, I’ll get out of my head. But it can’t be till Monday, because I have to deal with the parts of my family that are more unstable than I am, in a not-so-pleasant a manner.

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