This afternoon, I am off to visit the ‘rentals and my neices. Should be fun, but I’m already sympathizing with the 3 terrors, as they’re slowly realizing that all their window spots with nice breezes have been closed. Poor babies. I think I have most things taken care of, or at least some semblance. I’ll need to remove my tear gas from my keychain (bastard TSA). My hope is that they allow me both my clothes bag and my backpack on the plane. No way in fucking hell I’m allowing for them to check my clothes. All-in-all, I expect a decent weekend, too bad I won’t be able to hide from the rest of my family on Sunday. It’s my gram’s b-day, I think it’s her 80th, but for some reason I thought she was older than that. At anyrate, that is my boring life right now. 🙂 Enjoy.


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