So, apparently I’m memorable, to people I’ve only said Hi to, I don’t get it. So, I’ve decided my response is “guys are weird” and I’m not going to try and rationalize exactly how I’m memorable.

Now, before I get on my rant about Ticketbastard, I would like to say….


but the Marines still have hotter uniforms

With that said….So, I went to pick up my Ozzfest tickets today from the local Ticketbastard outlet. They wouldn’t let me walk away with them, because they don’t sell for venues in Virginia. I purposefully use the outlets because, especially when concert is in apprx 1 month, I can walk away with tickets in hand and not wait for them to come in the mail. But nooooooooooo, Ticketbastard can’t have that, now can they? Instead I have to pay the additional fees to have the suckers mailed to me express, because I don’t trust their claim that tickets will get here within one week of the event. Knowing my luck, they’ll show up the day after I leave to go up to VA. Last time I had the tickets held at willcall, the tickets miraculously never appeared, not even on their roster. Nice, ain’t it? Thankfully, venue snuck me a pass and let me in. It’s good to know the guys at ELL, they rock, and I will continue to laud them. I could have them emailed to me, but hey, if they’re going to charge me fees, I’m gonna make it worth it ($4 to send out an email so I can print the ticket on my own paper, nice).

May the offices of Ticketbastard be overrun with mice and cockroaches. May the fans on their servers be coated in non-removable bacteria.


  1. Ticketbastard is indeed a great name for them. They rip you off realllly nicely. I just ordered tickets online for my mom and just as I hit “order” the site went down for maintenance. By the time I got back to it the next day, their seats were two rows further back than the night before. I was less than pleased. And then, what I find laughable is how they charge a higher services fee on the more expensive tickets than on the cheaper tickets. What’s up with that?! Communist badgers.

    (Forgive me, cough meds make me loopy and long-winded. :P)


    1. Long-winded? Man, tell me how you really feel. 😉

      Yeah, when I bought my prog tickets, the processing page got stuck in a loop. While it was doing that, I also got an email from them saying my tickets were in process and they’d send another to let me know when they shipped. So I clicked out of the processing page, and couldn’t find my new tickets. Really messed up.


      1. ~giggles~ Sorry. I was sooo loopy this afternoon.

        I really think that someone needs to kick Ticketbastard’s arse. They are seriously rippin’ people off these days.


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