Today was pretty good, for some dumbass reason I was in the shower by 8.30A. I guess my headache last night knocked me out, good thing I wasn’t getting whipping boy time, would have massively sucked the time driving from his place back to my house. Anyway, meeting started half an hour late, kinda irked me because this is a progressive habit of my DQB (Drama Queen Boss) to set a time, and over time show up progressively late. Meeting was decent, some stuff was set and properly clarified so now I can just set my meetings with my CB (Cool Boss) for next week to go over the webstuff, ad nauseum. WT time was awesome, as usual. Off for buffet wings and pizza (look boys and girls, something for the freak to gnaw on!), but it didn’t seem to sit well, I think it was the ranch dressing on the wings. Then off to Petsmart to take care of Mr. Kitty’s food and for some nice blood sprays, hot samauri’s and cuddling. I must say, while I view The Last Samauri with Tom Cruise as more of a movie with the same name, other than a remake of the original, I give Tom Cruise credit for doing a good job in his role. Yes, there’s a first time for everything. Then we watched National Treasure, which I really liked in the fact that there were so many puzzles in that movie and half, of which, I don’t think the writers intended (like the whole play on the family name “Gates” – yet another case of ask and I will answer, if you’ve seen the movie). The down-side was that I spent the first half of the movie saying “WTF?” because they got this syntax and grammar completely wrong on the period parts of the puzzle, but what can you expect out of hollywood these days?

But hey, I got something to gnaw on, and I got to get some of the 5th chakra crap out of me, so I’m not feeling like I’m choking anymore. Hell, I even got to prod my brain for wrestling tactics for fighting. WT thought I was nuts, but he agrees with the rest of my Inner, Inner Sanctum, that I’m creating a monster with the fighting stuff.



    1. Mmmmmm, such a norse thing to say. Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *licks* You need to email me what all you’re doing nowadays, I don’t think I have your new email addy.


  1. So glad

    That you got some of that stuff out of you. Unfortunately mine was just teased into release and got pounded back into submission. GODDAMMMIT! LOL Oooooooo wraslin…. yummies. Love Ya


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