Ok, so I feel like there’s this piece of me missing. Not sure why it’s hollow, or exactly where the space is, but I can at least sense that it’s there. The sun is finally peeking out, a bit. Still a good amount of cloud cover, but it’s at least a bit yellow instead of drab gray. I need to finish up my letter to the Druid Warrior, got some more to write on that, but the pictures are printing out now, and I’ve got everything else set-up. Gods, this is bugging the shit out of me! I have no clue what all is just jumping at me. I know it’s not the issues from the other day, because I’ve rationalized it all to where the twinge is just a pencil nudge. I can’t see that this is another situation of “something is about to happen, and I’m fluttering because I can’t see it”. Honestly, there is nothing there to that twinge either, keen sense isn’t telling me a damned thing but I’m feeling this internal fight to get out of my skin and I have no bloody clue why. *sigh*

Today, ended up being a spa day, just got out of a soak and a facial. The fight card for tonight looks good, and the place is easy enough to find, so I’m expecting some good stuff. Wish I had a date for it, maybe that’s my issue. Heading off into a new place with no one that I know there.

I think it’s time to go gnaw on something again. When in doubt just bite? Hrm, has some merit, methinks.

Sand, beach, sand, beach, mountains, river, water…..FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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