Scorpio for this week:

Here’s your dream dictionary for the coming week. If you have a dream of walking through the mist at dawn and coming upon flamingos nesting in a rusty red 1959 Cadillac convertible in a junkyard, it means you should expand your ideas about where you might find beauty. A dream of baking a birthday cake for Buddha in the kitchen of a ship passing through the Panama Canal means you’re primed to upgrade your skill at expressing generosity. A dream of finding traces of marijuana in a seventeenth-century pipe found in the house where William Shakespeare lived means you should rethink your ideas about where your best inspiration comes from. A dream of a driver who doesn’t use his turn signal means you shouldn’t follow anyone too closely. (P.S. Even if you don’t have the dreams I described, you should still heed the counsel they provide.)

FreeWill Astrology

Again, the boy is behind. I think someone needs to get him some kind of upper, legal or otherwise.

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