Yay! Thank you, fucking news media – all of you SOB’s, even you goddamned “conservatives”. Why? Because my Army boys can’t tell me anything about what’s going on over there anymore, because of the crap that you all choose to put into print.


  1. I can understand the keeping quiet, as it’s a reaction to the fact that the media isn’t policing itself well enough. What I can’t stand, is that now I can’t get news out of the pacified areas about the rebuilding process, either.


  2. That’s what happened on J’s base, as well. They’ve done the same thing at the camp he’s based at now, no outside connection besides email. Which I don’t get, because the army has chat program access in their parts of camp. Really fucked up.


  3. It annoys me to no end. The fact is, even the DoD reports I get don’t really satiate me. I like a face on my news, even though I like the straight facts, I also like to be able to point to a human experience as well.


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