Day: May 3, 2005

No hot Navy SEaL boy yesterday, but that’s ok because I got to go pubbing. So I’m decently happy. Right now, letting myself digest so I can hit the gym mercilessly. My Scotsman should be amused when he returns, as my new wallpaper on my computer is a collage of Zoomie pictures (yeah, I’m pathetic, so beat me). Stayed up way too late last night, again, but managed to get up too early. Tomorrow, I plan to sleep in, before the requisite coffeehaus visit for Zoomie gear. I need to mow the lawn, that will happen tomorrow when I take a break from workstuffs, really should do it today, but it will be there tomorrow and I’ve already got my day planned out, and I have to work my shift this evening.

Ozzfest pre-sale tickets go on-sale today. I’ll have to wait and grab those later, when I have money. 😛

I swear, my boss is a Queen, without the make-up. *slaps head and goes back to digesting*