Day: May 23, 2005


So this is a day I feel like doing stupid shit, like going mudding, downhill mountain biking, kickbox sparring, wrestling, rock climbing. Something active. Yet, I am stuck in my house, as my parents recover from their trip. Least I got gym time in this morning, though, more would have been nice.

For some reason, the activity that I’m responding to most, is to just gnaw one someone. Not the lovey-type nibbling, I mean actually gnawing on body parts. I don’t know why that is appealing to me today. I think it has something to do with the drive to Cumming yesterday, it was extremely liberating. Music blasting, windows all down and open, brain completely oblivious to the matters of the world and just focused on not hitting anything, and enjoying the weather. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. I just wanted to slough off my skin. The only thing that would have made it better, was getting far enough north to jump into one of the rivers, and just float for a bit.

Well, the Freaky parentals made it here, no biking for me. *pout* Oh well, I’ll live, I guess. Maybe some other time. At anyrate, it’s laid back day at the casa de Ammo, not much going on. Made the business calls this morning and hit the gym. Rentals will be hitting the gym with me on Wednesday, I guess, we’ll see. Raowr. I feel the need to pounce something, not necessarily in a loving manner, either.