Scorpio for this week:

Would you like to transform yourself from being a slave of your desires into being a master? It’s a perfect time to work on that worthy project. Here’s what you should do: 1. Keep talking yourself out of being attached to trivial goals and keep talking yourself into being thrilled about the precious few goals that are really important. 2. Whenever you are overwhelmed by a desperate longing to be loved, transform the feeling into a fierce determination to give love lavishly.

FreeWill Astrology

Interesting perspective, I must say, and very much fits with the way I like to live. Trying to do things that make me happy, including the making of other people happy. And trying to work back into the therapist mentality. So far, doing decent, still got work to do.


  1. Intersting Perspectives

    That is an interesting perspective that a lot of people are just ignorant to. I think many people romanticize the idea that happiness is just going to fall into their laps.


    1. Re: Intersting Perspectives

      Yeah, it’s something that has to be cultivated and worked on, it doesn’t just happen, unless you cultivate the perspective to allow for insta-happiness at the drop of a hat. It’s sad to see people stuck in that loop.


      1. Loop

        Granted, some situations allow for more perspectives of happiness, but ultimately the decision to change you life, make it better, is your own. Good to know you’re on board! 🙂


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