1. It seemed to me the issue at hand was because the kid got nasty with them about it; while they should have given him leeway given the fact it was his mom in Iraq, he needs to respect their authority. His mother would (should) have understood.


    1. Full story was that it wasn’t during a class, it was during lunch. And, the teacher took the phone directly out of his hand and insulted his mother before hanging up. As for the mother understanding, she got one call a month to him, and when you get the chance to call you have to take it, or not call for another month. IMO, the teacher should have understood. And he shouldn’t have gotten oss, should have been either one day of iss or detention. This was way over stated.


      1. Ah, it figures they only told a fraction of the story.

        While I absolutely agree the teacher shoulda let it slide, and the level punishment was uncalled for, I can see where they’re coming from. When kids are in school, it’s expected that kids follow school rules and dictates from school authorities. So yeah, in-school suspension or detention would have been fair, given that it WAS a breach of the rules; but this three day suspension turned into ten days is just absurd. I got less than that for *fighting*.


  2. While I agree with the above comment, I have to say that a suspension is COMPLETELY ridiculous. What the hell is going on in these schools nowadays (no, really, I wonder what is going on)? He should have been sent to the office and given detention if anything. A SUSPENSION for not getting off the phone with his mother who is in Iraq? Regardless of whether the suspension is for the bad language or for the phone call.. it is pretty damned extreme.


    I graduated 6 years ago from high school and I feel like public education must be a completely different experience now. Could it have possibly changed that much in so little a time?


    1. Very much agreed, but as more info has come out, the situation shouldn’t have happened. Apparently, the situation occured during lunch, not a class.


  3. another folley of the “zero tolerance” mentality. No room for accomodation. It fuckin’ pisses me off. The kid got nasty when he was brought to the principal’s office for refusing. After being told that the kid’s mom was calling from Iraq, they should have ushered him off the scene and allowed to continue, but to be done by the end of lunch. Unfortunately school administrators have no sense of common sense.


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