Ok, normally, I like my Friday morning’s peaceful, due to the endless stress I’m going to have to deal with at my regular 11.30A meeting with my boss. But, today, I recommend heading over to Ala’s Blog and reading at least the first entry. This is a sad point in time, not because the 1st Amend gives this guy the forum to speak, but because he lacks the humanity to see past his ignorance.

Honestly, I hope the governing body remembers that we still have a law on the books for sedition and treason. But I guess everyone war needs its Tokyo Rose.


  1. I may not agree with the handling/reasons for the wars…

    But that site is absolute BULLSH*T! Soldiers are people who risk their lives for the sake of their country. I may be something of a liberal peacenik, but I understand the concept of necessary evil and the nobility of sacrifice made by people in the military. My biggest gripe isn’t with the troops or even the officers (save for those commiting war crimes, but that’s a different matter), but rather with the ignorant twits with no concept of the cost of war sending these largely noble people off to fight and possibly die for the sake of their own greed. Turn your venom on the people sending the soldiers to poorly planned and possibly unjust wars, not on the people who have volunteered to lay down their lives for your safety.

    Wow. Just wow. Clearly someone is completely deluded.


    1. Re: I may not agree with the handling/reasons for the wars…

      For the most part, my same sentiments. I’ll expand when I get back from the day’s activites. 🙂


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