Scorpio for this week:

For a limited time only, everything will be pretty much the reverse of what it usually is. Do you have an unlucky number? In the coming week, that number will be a sign that good fortune is nearby. Do you have qualities that you regard as weak or undeveloped? You can now make them work to your advantage. What are the things you’re afraid of? Deal frankly with them and you will stimulate a big boost in your courage. Are you weary of worrying about your enemies? They are about to become great teachers, maybe even helpers.

FreeWill Astrology

My fears are made real and the goal is to approach them, just need money to take care of that pesky fear of heights (Tom Petty’s Free Falling seems a good theme song for that one).

Anyway, I woke up to a lovely dream of sharks, blood, sand and a hot guy. So far, good morning. Need to see if it’s warm enough to get some sun, eat and hit the gym.

Talked with my mum yesterday, trying to explain the respect and anxiety I have towards my friends and lovers going overseas (I’m sure she’s suspecting something at this point). I’ve never understood the logic that she has about walking towards death, to her it’s almost selfish to be willing to die (suicide or current conflict). I can’t seem to impress upon her that it’s selfish of me to hold someone back from a path that would satisfy that need within the soul of another, regardless of the potential loss of them. One of the things I’ve been proud to pride myself on, is my ability to fully support the dreams and desires of those close to me, even if it calls for the potential sacrifice of something I want, namely their presence. I have several around me, who’ve been kind enough to assist or provide a means for me to access and follow my dreams and life goals, how can I turn my back and reject the same of those same people? It is not my right to deny fulfillment to others, unless it is something that goes against my code of honour, at which point I’ll request they find someone else willing to provide, or is something that will ultimately cause detriment to another person for no good reason.

And for clarification on my warrior stuff – being in the military does not the warrior make. In today’s modern “warrior class” (if there really is one in the American culture), women are fully capable of being both mothers and warriors. However, there is a certain level of distain that some, not most, have for the warrior mother. There are several current military examples that I will pull out of my linkage so the air can be made concrete. But till then, one paraphrased example. The widowed warrior who continued the fight, and ultimately died leaving two children behind with their grandparents. Several “think tank” women have used this example as a means of why women should not be in combat, not because the children were deprived of their father, but because they were deprived of their mother. Their argument is that she should have been discharged to care for her children, despite the fact that this women willingly chose to continue her duty. And that is one example, I have a few more where the father is now the primary care-taker, but the argument still stood – a woman left her children at home.

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