Day: April 12, 2005

So, it seems like the Massage Licensure Law is waiting for Sonny Perdue’s signature and all the Libertarian therapists are pissy. Oh well, I’m for it, I’m happy it’s finally made it this far and I’ve already got my ducks in a row to get my license and add an L to all the initials after my name.

The main bitch I’ve heard is “my school has already had to make so many changes to the curriculum to get up to speed! This isn’t fair!” Deal with it, if your school has to do that, I’d be questioning the school and why it’s not surpassing the most stringent state licensure requirements. That was one of the things I looked at when deciding on a school, not to mention the curriculum in general.

Also, take a good look at the laws on the books across GA, and think about whether or not you might want to move to a different county in the future. Seriously, you want mass variety, Fulton and Dekalb are the only two counties that even remotely look similar, the further out you go, the more whacked the laws look. Cherokee co. has the most stringent, likening your school certification to a $10,000+ education on how to fuck someone, Cobb county comes close, but at least they admit that you didn’t have to take “sex” ed.

Does this change the fact that when you show up to the county courthouse to apply for your business license, you get fingerprinted because you’re lumped in there with the bar and liquor licenses, and this isn’t to apply for a spa license (got me what they have to go through). This is simply for a storefront office or for a home office. Trust me, I’m finally at the point where I can apply for a license for my home office.

Honestly, I’d rather go in and present my certifications and association memberships than be treated like a street whore.