Day: April 25, 2005

Well, for some reason, I keep getting dragged into discussions about female warriors. They pop-up everywhere I go and I manage to resist some of them, but others I don’t. My grove sister asked me Saturday why I didn’t join up, other sister said because I’m needed here, which is true – there is something greater that I am needed for – and I explained my reasons – 1. being that I can’t handle someone trying to break me down again, even though my mind is now strong enough to over-power that, 2. the politics of modern-day paid-by-the-gov’t warriors and organization, 3. I like to choose my own battles.

At any rate, my brother commented about some guys just not understanding the beauty of the female warrior. And I have to agree. Honestly, I am definitely attracted to women who have the power and cunning of a warrior, and aren’t afraid to use force when it’s needed. I’m not into the idea of the helpless woman who needs the knight in shining armour to constantly save her from a situation she gets into. I understand that there are guys who are into that, and that’s all fine and dandy as there are plenty of women to provide that, just not me. My main issue is the fact that because of that fact, there are plenty of people who try to enforce that view and hold back the women who aren’t like that.

Yes, things are changing, and it’s nice to see that, but for those of us who are already there, it’s a bloody pain in the ass because we want to be out doing what we love and be who we are, but there are no forums for that – outside discussion. I’m slowly working on something local and at a smaller level. I think that’s a good place to start, no reason that there needs to be this massive public display of female warrior prowess, least for me. It’s a means of satiating my needs, and those of other women like me, who aren’t in it for the public display, but because it’s what we are.

My sister also commented on how there’s a grappeling between motherhood and being a warrior. Yes, there is, and for some women, they’re capable of doing both (with obvious time out for physical things). For others, the answer is obvious, motherhood is not an option, and others are quite content in being the nurturing mother and not the warrior.

Anyway, I’m slowly putting together more thoughts on this subject and will probably write more extensively after I do some research and put it into a more historical context for my site. Any info that others might have is welcome, as I might not have it, which I’d love to have anyway.