Scorpio for this week:

While mountain biking, I spied a white horse engaged in odd behavior in a meadow. Over and over again, it took two steps forward and two steps back. Was it neurotic or distraught? I decided to sit and watch. Five minutes went by. Ten. Still it continued its routine. Finally I got inspired to pray for it. “Dear Goddess,” I said, “please at least let that poor horse go *three* steps forward and two steps back.” Moments later, the creature started doing exactly what I’d prayed for. Slowly, it made progress across the field. Now I’m saying a similar prayer for you: “Dear Goddess, please help Scorpios escape their treadmill-like pace, and go at least three steps forward for every two backward.”

FreeWill Astrology

Hrm, relevent? Maybe. Of course, this could be one of my universal brick wall enforced pauses. Dear god I hope not.

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