Maybe I’m just strange, but it’s a wonderful feeling to get up in the morning and put on my underwear and have them stay put, and not have to yank them out every 5 minutes.

In other news, while I promised myself I’d stay away from the military forum, I broke my promise. My update this morning just pissed me off. God damned vets who blanket a feminist this or feminist that, in the theory that us “feminists” think that all women can do things better than men because we’re women. Fucking BULLSHIT! I know women that I wouldn’t trust my life to, and I know men that I wouldn’t trust my life to either. No female on this forum has said “women can do it because we’re women.” No, we’ve been saying that, yes, indeed, there are women who can cut it, let them have their shot and prove themselves. Hell, the little pissants half of them are talking about, I wouldn’t want in my unit.

Had one story about a woman on a naval fire squad, who asked for re-assignment after a real fire proved she couldn’t pull her weight. My question is, how come she didn’t know this before hand? I know the military is big on drills, making sure that people can pull their own weight when the time comes, so why this? What officer above her was slacking in not making sure that everyone under him/her could pull their duty? And why didn’t this woman make sure she could pull her duty herself?

Seriously, slack-ass stuff like this ranks up there with people who decide at ship time, that they’re a conscious objector to the war, because they enlisted for college funds. It’s the military, the extras are icing on the cake for you to do your duty, not a loophole to get out of it. Sheesh, we’ve raised a bunch of fluffy pretty kitties with no concept of honour or duty in this country.

And for the record, that’s a gender-blind comment. *eg*


      1. Because, we can’t get the guys to focus if it’s not covered!

        Oh, wait….the point was to distract them anyway. Nevermind.


  1. “we’ve raised a bunch of fluffy pretty kitties with no concept of honour or duty in this country.”

    precisely. i have my own theories on why this should be so, theories which don’t even rely on economic excuses.


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