I succeeded in getting sun today. No colour, but I got sun. A whole hour’s worth and no pink or pink/red. *yay* My Scotsman and I are planning on going out for Indian than over to the theater for Sin City, we’ll see.

I’ve managed to maintain high days for almost 2 weeks, with only a slight dip. I’m quite happy about that. Found out my nieces are going to be Christened in June, so I somehow need to work my way back to Texas for the ceremony, maybe a weekend trip or something. Planning the Ozzfest trip for July, figure a week there, and then 2 weeks in Italy sometime after May. *happynakedlaradance*

And infopocalypse has returned to the cellar to work on my site, so far it’s looking pretty spiffy. *bounce bounce*

In other news, a netacquaintance of mine pointed out that he never would have figured the person writing my spiritblog and the person writing this journal are one in the same. Well, there’s a reason for it. This is my general bitching journal about the things I do on a day-to-day basis. Occassionally, I cross-post, but not often. I do a lot of meditative work, and it doesn’t always come out so nice and clear as a 100pg graduation thesis. I like to call them energetic thoughts, the things that words don’t always accurately describe. Like when I merged with that person in one of my conference sessions. How does one explain the internal rush and freedom in a manner that’s not flighty? How does one fully explain the feelings experienced when you look at your bf/gf and realize that you love this person, or even the night you fell in-love and the ensuing expression?

Seriously, I understand that I have this “punk” aire about my usual rants and raves. That’s most of the outside, daily existence that everyone sees. But I am an extremely passionate person about my dreams, my experiences and my inner workings, and sometimes I need to let those be seen. Not because they’re of some benefit to someone, because I really don’t know, but because I need people to see that part of me and know that it exists. I’ve spent years shutting myself behind a hard-core “I can’t be touched” bitch exterior that I’m starting to choke. And if coming out as a spiritual entity is a means of cracking that shell, then so be it. It’s what I have to do to accomplish my goals.

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