If I can find any info on it, I’ll post it.

But press release from the military-

A CBS cameraman was injured just outside of Mosul, as he stood next to a man with an AK-47 who was a military target. After being treated at a local hospital, and preparing for release, his camera was checked and footage that indicated he was planted in that location, or at least had information, for a pending insurgent attack on US soldiers. He is currently being held, and investigated, by the US military.

Edit Freelance cameraman…links below:


Reporters Sans Borders



  1. I’m still not sure that we’re getting the whole story. In fact, I’m iffy on the Journalists without Borders article based on snippets from those taking part in the protest/whatever it was, they contradict events thus far, and what the CBS cameraman has admitted to.

    As for journalists over there, I think a conspiracy against them at the grunt level is a bit far-fetched. And I’m more likely to sympathize with the grunts who are being shot at, than a cameraman who’s so hellbent on getting a story that they refuse to put their camera down, knowing good and well that it looks like an IED.

    Otherwise, all over too sketchy at this point.


  2. Eason Jordan couldn’t back up this kind of accusation and he had a significant amount of resources to try to use to prove it. He backpedaled and then retracted, then resigned. Severe case of Foot in Mouth Disease.


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