Scorpio for this week:

Inmates at a penitentiary in Washington have created The Convict Cookbook. Normal prison fare gets pretty boring, so they’ve improvised recipes that can be cooked in a jail cell using radiator pipes instead of a stove and plastic bags in place of bowls. Proceeds from the book’s sale go to a children’s museum. Judging from your temporary astrological omens, Scorpio, I think The Convict Cookbook could serve as an inspiration. While you’re in nowhere near as tight a spot as those criminals, your style has definitely been getting cramped lately. Why not have fun while you’re indisposed? Maybe you can even turn a profit and contribute to a good cause as you do.

FreeWill Astrology

Odd. That’s all I can say. My interpretive mind cannot come up with anything relevant to this, at all.

In other news, my other knee has decided it hurts too. Gonna take some anti-inflammatories then some lighter weights at the gym and see how that goes. Not sure why they’re acting up, but definitely going to have to give my Therapist a ring, as my shoulder is killing me now, too. God, I feel like I’m 70 this week.

Oh yeah, my Scotsman got a shot of my shaved head last night, because I’ve never seen my birth mark, either. So I’ll post it later after I edit it so it shows up (the lighting drown it out a bit). It’s actually pretty damned cool looking. Tempted to have my tattoo artist outline it, instead of covering it up with the ink that I wanted.

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