1. Ok, the second article is arguable (unless one is arguing that a political candidate should be solely funded by their own money), but the first one is talking about him encouraging the Democratic Party to be more pro-gun…the problem?


    1. The problems the Dems have always had in the Southern states is in regards to guns. They say they’re for 2cd Amendment rights, but then they go off on how they want some form of restriction on owning them. Whether it’s closing gun-show loopholes (that don’t exist) or banning Automatic Weapons (that didn’t do much good either), they talk out of both sides of their mouth. Yeah, it’s a political thing to do, but to act like the citizenship of this country are a bunch of idiots is something completely different. They’ve been playing the perception game for quite some time now (Gore making a fool of himself in his home state by talking about how he’s for gun control legislation), and it hasn’t done anything for any of them. The problem is, they try to get the rest of the country to have a perception shift of their agenda, which is pretty much what Feingold was going for in his speech. They don’t want to change their own agenda, they just want to change the way the Southern states view it.


    2. The first article is about how Fiengold wants to make the perception of the Democrats and Guns to be more friendly and less threatening, not how he wants to change the Democrat’s platform of Shoving as Much Guncontrol down our throats as they possibly can. Again, it looks like marketing speak to me. “If we can change the perception about guns, I believe that would be the most useful thing we can do, not only in the state of Alabama, but also in Wisconsin…” To Quote Geekw/a45, the Fiengold is NOT saying, “Well, we Democrats have been beaten black and blue on guns since the 90’s, so I think it’s time that we re examine our planks, acknowledge that gun control is both a fraud and a failure, and re-embrace the honest citizen’s right of arms.”

      Kerry tried to ‘change perceptions’ during the Final Days of the Campaign an air of supporting Hunters with his duck hunting stunt. No-one bought it. Fiengold will have to vote no on a key gun control vote that’s not likely to die because the Republican’s have the majority. He’ll have to really come out swinging before I’ll believe he’s actually changed his colors on infringing on my 2nd Amendment rights.


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