One thing I’m noticing, I’m spending an inordinate amount of time flitting between realms. It’s quite nice, and peaceful – for right now.

There are several things that lead me to this point, besides those already mentioned in a previous journal entry (though I think it’s on the spiritual journal, and not here. One of the things that I failed to mention was my birth. Not anything spectacular, other than the fact my mum can’t remember what time I was born, except the date. My birth date falls within the time period during the Celtic year, called the in-between time. Usually starts at Samhain and goes till the next moon. I’ve been tossing that fact around in my head quite a bit, especially given my birth mark and what it symbolizes. Today I sat down and outlines some of the responsibilities that this status requires of me, and I’ll be formalizing them more and more as I go along. The most important thing is to figure out and implement the lifestyle changes that it will entail. They’re slowly becoming clear, will probably have to visit an Elder, shortly, to do some clearing. But that needs to be done anyway, several months late on that.

Now, on to bed.

P.S.- I miss my Zoomie.

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