Even though I don’t fully agree with this religious holiday called Thanksgiving, I do have things that I am thankful for….

I am thankful for parents, who let me live how I wanted, no matter how big of a headache I gave them.
I am thankful for a partner, who appreciates me and everything that is me.
I am thankful for my local friends, who appreciate the value of “just hanging out.”
I am thankful for my kindred, no matter how much the distance between all of us, we are still close.
I am thankful for the safety of my Candiman, who puts his self in harm’s way on a daily basis.
I am thankful for the knowledge, that the Marine is happy, alive, and doing what he loves.
I am thankful for my new family, who has much to teach, much to share, and gives me the chance to share in that.
I am thankful for my net family, who show me that I am not alone in everything I feel.
I am thankful for my muse, who shows me the passion in everything I see and experience and inspires the words.


    1. The original Thanksgiving wasn’t a secular holiday that thanked the Indians for helping them out. It was a “Thank G-d, we survived this year.” The Puritans were very much like some of the “We don’t wear our religion on our sleeve, but everything we do reeks of it” traditionalists. In that manner, I call it a religious holiday, it isn’t until recently (in the grand picture of our history) that it has become secular.


      1. thanksgiving….

        yeah not particularly religious. I was talking to a customer who mentioned that it was a holiday celebrating the slaughter and persecution of native americans.


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